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Appetizer & Soup

A full variety of Japanese cuisines are available at our Japanese restaurant, all freshly prepared and selected by our best chefs.

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Crab Salad


Sed sit fermentum vestibulum non …

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Lightly Fried Chicken marinated in …

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Cucumber and marinated Seaweed with …

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Fried Tofu


Lightly Fried Tofu with 7 …

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Spinach salad with tuna tataki, …

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Miso Soup

Tofu, seaweed and spring onion
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Mix Salad


Mix garden salad served with …

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Salmon Salad


Fresh salmon, sambal olek, spring …

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Prawn, squid, fish, Crab with …

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Lightly Fried Battered Shrimp 4 …

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